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72 Pkg                              Matrix Buttons.

                                    The fastest and simplest way to make custom impressions for temporary
                                    crowns.When making temporary restorations, you can be in and out of the
                                    patient's mouth in 30 seconds with Matrix Buttons from Advantage Dental.
                                    Simply soften a button in hot water. Then form it around the tooth (or teeth)
                                    to be prepped. Blow air to harden. Then remove.
                                    Here are additional ways to use Matrix Buttons:
                                    • Insulate sensitive teeth while operating in another area
                                    • An anterior bruxing device to offset clenching and grinding problems
                                    • Bite registrations
                                    • Implant shims to guide placement
                                    • Border molding trays for denture impressions

Greater Curve                                                                                                       The Greater Curve
                                                                                                                    STARTER KIT
Greater Curve Matrix Band

 Highly Recommended on Dental Town

                                                              96 Pkg                                                                  Starter Kit

                                                                                                  Standard Band Pk                       Includes
                                                                                                                                Retainer and 84 Bands
 Direct Class II composites are simpler and faster to set
up. No wedges. No separating springs. The tooth is
restored in a neutral stable position. Direct Class II
composites will have predictable broad and deep contacts.

DryDent                                                                                                             PrepSure

Parotid                             The new DryDent Parotid introduces Crown Prep Instruments
4 reasons to use DryDent            new features for controlling saliva
Parotid                                                                                                             PrepSure -
                                    produced by the parotid glands.
1. Super Absorbent
2. Dry Dentistry                    DryDent Parotid is placed directly 1.0mm, 1.5mm, & 2.0mm
3. Soft and Gentle
4. Improved Properties              over the open ducts of the parotid

                          50 Pk     gland, allowing a dry working area.                                             PrepSure is a set of innovative crown prep
                                    Its super absorbent foam material                                               instruments to monitor, achieve, and confirm
                                    traps unwanted moisture, facilitating                                           ideal creation of abutments for crowns and
                                    dryer fields for impression taking,                                             onlays. Achieve ideal abutments with proper
                                    cementing and filling procedures.                                               occlusal clearance by evaluating with
                                    DryDent Parotid’s super absorbent                                               PrepSure while reducing dental structure with

                                    capacity keeps moisture control even burs and discs. PrepSure is essential for
                                    when it is fully saturated. It is made successful crowns and onlays
                                    of smooth soft materials that provide                                                           3 Pk

                                    maximum patient comfort throughout

                                    any treatment. Available in Large and

                                    Small packages of 50 pieces.

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