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Professional At Home Light Activated                                                  Prelude
   Teeth Whitening System. Whiter
   Teeth in 20 Minutes. Quick and                                                        Adhesive
   Convenient method of delivering a
   white, bright smile as no custom trays                                                                                                 AUTHORIZED DEALER
   or uncomfortable and messy strips
   are required. Iveri’s At Home Speed                                                                                                1 Primer/1 Adhesive
   LED Light can be re-used as
   required. Includes: 1 Iveri Speed                                                              BUY 2 GET 1
   Light w/ Attachable Tray, 4 Iveri At                                                                FREE
   Home Syringes 3.5ml each 35%CP, 1
   Shade Chart, 1 Instruction Sheet                                                      Prelude is extremely forgiving in the presence of
                                                                                         moisture. Too wet, or too dry is not a concern. Its
    Potassium Nitrate, a key ingredient in Iveri                                         water/ethanol formulation tolerates an
    Whitening gel, has been proven to virtually                                          environment that would adversely affect other
    eliminate teeth sensitivity. And unlike other                                        products. The remarkably low 5 micron fi lm
    teeth whitening products, Iveri uses Xylitol                                         thickness means fit is not affected and it will not
    which not only sweetens the solution but more                                        present a radiolucent layer. Bond strengths to
    notably keeps teeth hydrated throughout the                                          cut and un-cut enamel are extremely high. It is
    whitening process.                                                                   ideal for Cerec** and other milled systems
    At Home Kit 22%
    At Home Kit 35%                                                                       First Half / Star VPS

TurboTemp 2 or 3                                                                           VPS Impression Material AUTHORIZEDDEALER

Bis-Acryl Temporary Composite AUTHORIZEDDEALER                                                                                                                                                                                     4 Pk

    *Attention Luxatemp                                                                  24 Econo Pack
     Users get the same
results at a fraction of the                                                             StarFlow/Accolade

              price!!                                                                    Flowable Composite 5g.

                A1,A2,A3.5,B1                                                                                                                                                                                   AUTHORIZED DEALER

Mega V                                                                                                                                              5g

 Matrix System                                                                                StarFlow’s high flow characteristics makes ideal results easy.
                                                                                              Sub-micron particle size gives superior polishability and
                                       Trial Kit                                              resistance to staining. True Vita* shade match, radiopaque and
                                                                                              non-sticky. It offers fluoride slow release and natural
                                                                          Kit Includes        fluorescence. (For higher viscosity, we offer Accolade)
                                                                      50 Small Matrices
                                                                      50 Large Matrices                                                                      Regular Price $104.95

                                                                             2 Rings     1.888.277.2335
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