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Titan                                                  Titan Intro Kit

Flowable Composite                                                         1 – 1.5 gram syringe A1 Shade
                                                                           1 – 1.5 gram syringe of A2 Shade
Titan was formulated to offer a unique                                     1 – 1.5 gram syringe of A4 Shade
                                                                           1 – 1.5 gram syringe of B1 Shade
combination of thickness and flow in                                       1 – 1.5 gram syringe of Translucent Shade
                                                                           1 – 1.5 gram syringe of White Opaque Shade
the same material. The strength and toughness                              25 – 20 gauge flow thru dispensing tips

of Titan are unsurpassed while it offers a high level                                         1.5 gm Syringe
                                                                                                     + Tips
of radiopacity for easy identification on a

radiograph. Aesthetically, Titan offers levels of

shading and visual      Optimal Handling
translucency ideal for  Unsurpassed Strength

perfect restorations.   and Toughness

                        High Level of Radiopacity

                        Ideal Aesthetics

Grinding Box

Portable Dust Containment
Keep your dental operatory clean with this Portable Grinding Box. It is
lightweight and collects all dust from any final grinding/polishing.
Replacement Cover and Sleeves also available.


Composite Contouring Instruments

                                                             1 Straight & 1 Curved
                                                       Stainless Steel Handle with Tip

                                                                Plus 2 Extra Tips

Composite instruments with silicone tips facilitate the adaptation, modelling and contouring of composite and
glass-ionomer restorations. Allow precise and fine contouring and modelling of composite restorations without
the inconvenience of the material sticking to the instrument.

     · Handles are lightweight and thin as pencils to secure the best possible tactile feel.

     · Tips are made from a non-stick silicone material of the perfect softness

     · Handle and tip can be autoclaved by max. 135°C


Composite Wetting Agent                                                             1.5 gm Syringe
                                                                                          + Tips
Seamfree is a wetting resin that has been designed to make the delivery
 of composite materials easier and more consistent by eliminating the
  tackiness that makes manipulation difficult. Not only does Seamfree

    eliminate handling issues but it doesn’t build film thickness or add a visible
     layer between composite layers. Seamfree is compatible with

      all methylmethacrylate materials and can be used in all direct or
       indirect restorations.

3ml Btle + Applicators

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