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Clean & Boost™ is an aqueous cleanser that has been designed to                                         5 pk
remove contaminants from the surface of a tooth prior to bonding.
These contaminants include such things as: tooth debris, temporary                                                5 x 5ml Syringe +
cement, bacteria, blood, saliva, hand piece oil, imaging powder                                                            Tips
(used to create digital impressions for CEREC® restorations), etc.
Along with cleansing the surface, Clean & Boost™ will etch tooth          All of our technique and
surfaces to increase bond strengths of self-etch materials. Self-etch       product videos at one
cements and many self-etch adhesives lack the ability to thoroughly    convenient place Sure Dental
prepare enamel. This lack of etching leads to staining of the                Channel on Youtube
margins, micro-leakage and accelerated marginal wear. Clean &
Boost™ properly prepares the enamel surface, resulting in
improved long term results. While cleaning and etching, Clean &
Boost™ disinfects the surfaces being treated. Clean & Boost™ is
completely rinsed from the surface after use and thus is compatible
with all other dental materials. PRICIPLE USES:
• Cleansing dentin and enamel surfaces
• Removing imaging powder from all surfaces
• Disinfecting tooth surfaces
• Etching tooth structure for improving adhesion and long term

Core Build Up/ Luting Cement

Cutting resistance like
tooth structure, carves
like dentin

Tooth shade under                               25 ml
veneers and ceramic

High strength and        5 ml

Bonds to tooth structure                                                   Years

An Excellent Resin Based Cement                                        Surpass conditioner etches
                                                                       enamel as well as phosphoric acid
Available in Shade A2 and White Opaque                                 while eliminating post operative
                                                                       sensitivity. The primer completely
Self Etch Adhesive Sytem                               Call            wets and penetrates the tooth
                                                                       structure to maximize bond
                     Simplicity Self-Etch                              strengths and completely seal the
                     Adhesive system                                   surface. The bonding resin links
                     combines the three                                the primed surface to all self cure,
                     most important features                           dual cure or light cure restorative
                     of flawless bonding.                              materials
                     Simplicity provides
                     consistency, versatility,                         Surpass has only one
                     and speed in the same                             technique for all procedures.
                     package.                                          There are no catalysts needed for
                                                                       any procedures.
                  Refill Kit

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