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The unique design ensures ideally shaped and positioned interproximal contacts quickly and consistently in class II restorations with virtually no learning curve. The CONTACT PRO 2's light concentrating lens assures complete curing in the deepest proximal box preparations. Other features include: -two sizes for increased versatility, -visual guides that allow easy placement and alignment of tip, -large handle and center sphere facilitates placing pressure against contacting tooth. Both ends are marked for both mesial and distal use along with arrows indicating direction of required force

- CONTACT PRO Plus 2-pack (1 small bicuspid, 1 large molar) - Small, 3-pack - Large, 3-pack

Composite is placed and condensed up to the level of the pulpal floor in the proximal box of class II preparation
Contact Pro-2 is inserted and pressed towards the adjacent tooth and light cured while maintaining pressure
After withdrawing the instrument, surrounding cured composite is left behind maintaining the contact and contour

The restoration is then further filled and cured incrementally resulting in a tight, ideally positioned and shaped contact.

For more information on this technique please do not hesitate to contact one of our technical reps at 1-888-277-2335 or e-mail us your questions



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