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Composite Warmer

One of the most difficult clinical challenges faced in the restoration of Class II cavity preparations is microleakage at the gingival margins. Many times the preparation is deep interproximally with little or no enamel at the gingival periphery to bond to. Adaptation of many composites is difficult because of their inherent lack of flow. Further complicating the procedure is the distance away from the curing light, and since the intensity of a curing light falls off with distance, the composite placed in proximal boxes is often under-cured. These clinical challenges often result in recurrent caries or sensitivity. CALSET Composite Warmer for thermal assisted light polymerization addresses these clinical challenges. The CALSET tray heats composites to 130F (54C) or 155F (68C). When heated, composite flow and adaptation to the internal morphology of the cavity preparation can be increased by up to 67%. This increased flow virtually eliminates the need for placing a high shrinkage, weak flowable composite at the gingival margin, since clinical studies show "that pre-heating of the composite results in significantly less microleakage at the cervical margin compared to a control or the use of a corresponding flowable resin. Heating the composite with the CALSET Warmer also dramatically decreases the curing time required for light polymerization. The critical change in needed light exposure will increase the likelihood of adequate cure in deep cavity preparations. CALSET can shorten composite curing time by up to 80%. With the added benefit of greater depth of cure of the restorative composite, increased chemical conversion, and ease of flow for easier dispensing into the cavity preparation, CALSET is an indispensable tool for better dentistry. It is available with a standard composite compule tray, a syringe tray option, or it can be ordered with a dispenser tray for pre loaded compule guns from different manufacturers. Product Features - 10 minutes to pre-heat - Once the unit is warm, it takes 2-3 minutes to warm the composite (CALSET can safely be left on all day). - Heats composites to 130F (54C) or to 155F (68C). - When heated, composite flow and adaptation to the internal morphology increases by up to 67%. - Shortens composite curing time by up to 80% - A third temperature setting of 98F (37C)can also be used to warm anaesthetic cartridges.