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The perfect composite for Class V restorations.
Conventional composites are stiff and can’t flex with the tooth. When the patient occludes, the tooth tries to bend, and the stiff composite resists, causing constant stress at the margin, and resultant leakage, sensitivity, staining and ultimately, dislodging may occur.

Epic®-TMPT eliminates the stress—at your margins at least—because it actually flexes with the tooth to absorb and dissipate the occlusal pressure without opening the margin. The Epic restoration compresses and then bounces back intact.

Its revolutionary reactive organic filler (built on the TMPT molecule) gives Epic its unique resilience while creating a remarkably durable restoration. And because it doesn’t contain a lot of hard inorganic material, Epic polishes beautifully. After a light polishing, the margins simply disappear.

When working with severe Class V restorations, the stiffer the restorative composite, the worse the prognosis. Epic-TMPT registers a composite stiffness score of only 350kg/mm2, as compared to other restorative materials that score as high as 950!

  • Creates a better cervical restoration.
  • Flexes with the tooth to reduce stress at the margin.
  • Reduces chances of leakage, sensitivity, staining, and pop-out.
  • More resilient than traditional microfills—much more resilient than hybrids.
  • Reactive organic filler chemically bonds to the matrix.
  • Polishes beautifully.