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SOFRELINER TOUGH® is an addition-cured silicone chairside soft lining material for dentures. Sofreliner Tough® has no odor, taste or chemical irritations. It offers a high tear resistance, high stain resistance and outstanding adhesion to the denture base. Sofreliner Tough® is designed to be used when durability is the primary concern. The paste cures in 5 minutes intraorally, and the kit comes with 2 different finishing points (Shape adjusting point & Finishing point).


Feature Product

INDICATIONS Pain caused by sharp ridges of alveolar bone and atrophy of mucosa Poor retention caused by extreme ridge atrophy Major undercuts or maxillary/mandibular tori Retention of over dentures before the final attachment is placed

Estelite was Rated as an Outstanding Product by CRA. !!
               Highly Recommended by Dr. Ray Bertolotti ...
                              his absolute favorite composite

BENEFITS Outstanding esthetics Excellent polishability Exceptional surface gloss Super low shrinkage Greater mechanical strength Wider shade matching range /"Chameleon effect" Easy 'non-sticky' handling High wear resistance Optimal radiopacity Minimum color change after curing Available in 18 different shades.
The Estelite Sigma Composite Line may be the best composite system available in Dentistry today!

ESTELITE® SIGMA is a light-cured submicron filled resin composite containing 82 wt% (71 vol%) of filler. Every inorganic filler contained in Estelite® Sigma is a spherical submicron filler (mean particle size: 0.2 um/particle size range: 0.1 um-0.3um) that enables excellent polishability, gloss retention, wear resistance and a wide range of the "chameleon effect". Together with its outstanding mechanical strength, it offers superior esthetics as well as the strength required for posterior restorations. Estelite® Sigma provides an ideal sculpting feature with a non-sticky consistency. There are 18 different shades available and all are radiopaque.
A1,A2,A3,A3.5,B1,B2,B3,B4,C1,C2,C3, Incisal,OA1,OA2,OA3,OB3,BW

BISTITE® IIDC is a self-etching, dual-cured adhesive resin cement system with excellent handling and adhesive properties. Bistite® II DC kit is designed and manufactured for cementation of precious and non-precious metals, ceramics, porcelain, cured composite crowns, inlays, onlays, bridges and veneers. Metaltite®, precious metal primer, and Tokuso® Ceramic Primer are included in the Bistite® II DC Kit.

INDICATIONS Cementation and bonding of precious metal, non-precious metal, cured composite resin, porcelain and ceramic prosthesis Repair of fractured porcelains fused to metal crowns and all ceramic resorations Cementation of acid etch bridges Cementation of resin composite core post systems and metal post cand cores

METALTITE® is a primer to improve the adhesion between resins and precious metals such as gold, titanium, semi-precious metals and many other dental alloys. Metaltite® contains MTU-6, a thiouracil monomer, which enhances a tenacious chemical bond between resins and precious metals. Its high bond strength eliminates tin plating of metal surfaces.

BENEFITS Elimination of tin plating Greatly improves bond between resins and precious metals

INDICATIONS Cementation of precious metal inlays, onlyas, crowns, bridges etc. Cementation of precious metal post and cores Intra-oral repair of precious metal bonded porcelain Repair of precious metal based dentures before the application of acrylic Bonding of opaque resin to a precious metal base (in fabricating a resin face crown) indirectly or intraorally.

TOKUYAMA® REBASE II is a chairside hard denture reline material. Without compromising any benefits from its predecessor, Tokuso® Rebase, Tokuyama® Rebase II offers better polishability, lower heat generation for in-mouth curing, higher mechanical strengths, improved handling and less odor/taste. It cures in 4min 30sec intraorally. Tokuyama® Rebase II is indicated for hard denture relining and partial denture repairs.

BENEFITS Low chemical irritation Low heat generation Durability Easy polishing One-appointment procedure Accurate adaptation of the denture Saves laboratory costs

INDICATIONS Hard denture relining Partial denture repairs

SOFRELINER® MS/S is a silicone based chairside soft denture reline material. Sofreliner® comes in 2 variations: Sofreliner® S (Soft) and Sofreliner® MS (Medium Soft). Sofreliner® S offers greater comfort with extremely soft texture, and Sofreliner® MS offers durability and high tear and stain resistance. Sofreliner® cures in 5 minutes 30 seconds intraorally without odor, taste or chemical irritations

BENEFITS Durability and high tear resistance (MS) High stain resistance (MS) Extremely soft feel and greater comfort (S) No odor, taste or chemical irritation Auto-dispensing system Available: - Special polishing and finishing tools (Steel Bur T101 and Finishing Wheel) - Silicone Remover (sold separately) for the removal of old silicone materials

INDICATIONS Pain caused by sharp ridges of alveolar bone and atrophy of mucosa Poor retention caused by extreme ridge atrophy Major undercuts or maxillary/mandibular tori Retention of over dentures before the final attachment is placed



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