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Greater Curve Matrix Case



Click Link Below for Video

Greater Curve Matrix Technique Video

This is a third molar removed from a 33-year-old patient. Note how nature over time creates a broad oval contact. Your restoration should duplicate nature’s wear. A tight contact with width as well as depth is stable and prevents food impaction.
Set up for a Class II composite on an extracted tooth.
Composite completed in the same manner as done routinely in the mouth. with one exception. The contact area etched for a full minute with 37% phosphoric acid.
Contact bond broken with metal spatula.
Band slides out smoothly

                     Straight on view of composite contact                                            Occlusal view of composite contact

Contact area still has a gloss in spite of the purposely over etched opposing tooth enamel. This is why the bond is easily broken with a spatula. There was no harm done to the opposing tooth enamel. The etched area will re-mineralize. The contact is not vulnerable to caries because Class II caries occur below the tooth to tooth contact for an obvious reason. This is where the plaque accumulates.


Competed restoration Contact as width and depth. It is tight and smooth. Contact will prevent food impaction