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HyperFIL® Dual-cure Restorative Composite




A Bulk-Fill Composite That REALLY IS a Bulk-Fill!
HyperFIL® Dual-cure Restorative Composite is the ORIGINAL BULK-FILL material. Parkell was one of the first manufacturers to have a product in this category (almost 10 years ago), long before the light-cured, 4 mm depth of cure materials came along. HyperFIL has ALWAYS been curable to ANY DEPTH, because dual-cure means it’s light-cured AND self-cured. That’s why you can rely on its performance, from the bottom of the cavity, ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP!

HyperFIL is nanofilled with 80% inorganic filler for providing greater wear resistance. Its slower rate of self-curing reduces stresses at the bonded interface. The material flows just enough when extruded from the mixing tip to nicely adapt to the tooth surface, but don’t be fooled, interproximal contacts can still be established with HyperFIL. HyperFIL eliminates the need for flowable liners and incremental curing.

Once you’ve syringed the material, just hit it with your curing light for 30 seconds (or wait for a total self cure) and start finishing your restoration! Its really that simple!