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Oasis® LT Tips 

                                     Quick & Easy Tight Contacts Each and Every Time !


With the Oasis® LT-Tip a tight proximal contact is obtained easily and consistently. A good depth of cure is possible in the proximal box due to concentration of light into the deeper portion of the cavity prep; This results in, strengthening the filling and increases the restorations resistance to chemical attack It also reduces the contraction gap between the filling material and the cavity wall; Consequently, a significant increase in the quality of the restoration can be expected when class 2 composite restorations are performed using the Oasis Light Tip. In short, there are two advantages of using the Oasis LT-Tip: 1- a burst of light energy is obtained in the apical part of the tooth preparation, producing a good depth of cure; and 2- due to pushing the Oasis LT Tip against the adjacent tooth, a tight contact in the cervical area is obtained as well