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Say goodnight to jaw discomfort For the first time ever you can now stop bruxism, clenching, and jaw joint discomfort (TMD). NiteBite’s® patented technology utilizes the proprioceptive senses to initiate the jaw opening reflex within the Freeway Space, allowing the jaw to relax at the physiologic rest position. Thus, bruxism stops and its related symptoms are relieved. NiteBite is designed to fit almost every patient. It can be fit in only five minutes. No impression is required and no second patient visit is needed. So treating your patients with the Nitebite is quick, easy and cost effective. In fact, Nitebite can and should be used as the first appliance you choose to treat any patient who has symptoms of TMD. You can offer your patients the advanced technology of NiteBite® for relief from nighttime clenching, grinding, tension and pain. Using the jaw's natural physiology, this small comfortable device relaxes and releases the jaw muscles. The mandible returns to its natural relaxed position, the physiologic rest position, without the tightness or stress of pain and restless sleep. NiteBite® - where innovation begins The NiteBite is designed to use proprioception to trigger the jaw opening reflex. This reflex of the mandibular depressor muscles allows the jaw muscles to begin the process of relaxation. Pathologic muscle engrams and parafunction are relieved as the mandible comes to rest at the physiologic rest position. NiteBite is less than 2mm thick. There are no contacts with the lower teeth in the freeway space when the mandible is at the physiologic rest position. There are no eccentric contacts or any premature contacts with the posterior teeth. There is freedom to achieve centric relation. NiteBite is the first occlusal appliance designed and patented to not intrude the freeway space. All other bite devices function primarily as barriers between the upper and lower teeth. They intrude on the freeway space, thereby preventing the jaw from achieving the physiologic rest position.

CAUTION: FOLLOWING COMPLETION OF FABRICATION MAKE SURE, ONCE AGAIN THAT THE PATIENT CANNOT REMOVE THE DEVICE WITH THEIR TONGUE OR LIPS AND MUST USE THEIR HANDS TO DO SO. If patients can remove NiteBite from their teeth by simply using their lips or tongue, reheat and reseat the NiteBite, until the proper fit is accomplished.

At Sure Dental, we recognize and take seriously our responsibility to replace products if they are proven to be defective. Sure Dental does not, however, accept liability for any damage or loss, either direct or consequential, stemming from the use or misuse of any product we distribute. It is the responsibility of the user to determine the suitability of the product for an intended procedure prior to use. The user assumes all risk and liability in connection therewith. If you have questions, please call us at 1.888.277.2335.