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PinkWave: Featuring Patented QuadWave™ Technology




The next wave of curing is here with PinkWave™ by Apex Dental Materials. PinkWave was distinctively designed to enhance the efficacy of curing procedures and provide patients and doctors a better user experience. With the largest curing area on the market at 115mm2, PinkWave allows for sufficient coverage even on your largest restorations.

PinkWave is equipped with patented QuadWave™ Technology which results in increased polymerization and decreased shrinkage, all while reducing the energy absorption of pulp.

  • Lightweight – 72g vs. 170g (Valo Grand)*
  • 3 curing modes – Standard, Ramp, Boost
  • 1750mW/cm2 on Standard mode and 2300 mW/cm2 on boost mode
  • 150 cures on a single battery charge
  • On/off buttons on top and belly for easy handling
  • QuadWave™ Technology – cures all light-cured dental material

                                                                                  Pinkwave Instructions