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Proprietary EDTA / CHX mix formulated with wetting agents and surface modifiers. For best outcomes, our patented 2-in-1 mix effectively replaces two commonly used solutions: EDTA and CHX. SmearOFF™ removes both smear layer AND bacteria! Superior chelation Optimizes smear layer removal Clears 27% MORE dentin tubules (compared to leading 17% EDTA product) Kills 99.99% of bacteria in 10 seconds! Will NOT form a precipitate when mixed with NaOCl No additional rinse needed when used with NaOCl Better calcium suspension Low surface tension Irrigation Promo Pack - Includes: (1) Chlor-XTRA™ Enhanced 6% NaOCl (16 oz. bottle) & (1) SmearOFF™ (16 oz. bottle) A winning combination for optimal canal cleanliness and improved outcomes! The only TRUE 2-step irrigation protocol. NO rinse needed when using Chlor-XTRA™ in conjunction with SmearOFF™ 2-in-1 Don't waste the solution, use the 16oz. bottle with the Fill Station™