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V Ring Matrix System Evaluation

ADVANTAGES: + Rings provide effective wedging resulting in excellent proximal contacts + Provides better contours for wide buccolingual restorations + Design allows proper wedge placement + Variety of matrices and wedges available in Intro Pack + Placement and removal of tab-matrix is simplified by matrix design and pin-tweezers DISADVANTAGES: - More expensive than other segmental systems - Difficult to use with tight interproximal contacts - Retainer ring is larger than in other systems SUMMARY AND CONCLUSIONS: The V Ring system is a sectional matrix system specifically designed to help the clinician when placing posterior resin composite restorations. It provides both wedging and matrix contouring in a single system. The unique design of the ring tines provides space for placing a wedge interproximally without compromising the location of the tines. The shape of the ring tines also provides better contours for wider restorations. The introductory kit comes with an instructional DVD to review before using the matrix system. Some evaluators felt that this system produced better contacts and contours than other segmental matrix systems. Even though the retainer ring was made of two dissimilar metals, sterilization testing did not cause significant corrosion after 200 cycles. Because of the retainer ring size, evaluators found it awkward to place if close to a rubber dam clamp or placing two rings for an MOD restoration. Clinicians also found it challenging to place the soft matrix in a tight contact. This has also been noted for all segmental matrix systems previously evaluated. The preference of type of wedge used (i.e., wood, V-wedge, Wave wedge) was provider specific. The V Ring System is rated Excellent for use in US Air Force dental facilities.

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