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Apex Dental Materials, Inc is proud to present anchor®. anchor® is an innovative, dual-cure, core / luting material offered in a 25ml cartridge and a 5ml dual chamber push syringe. anchor® has a unique chemistry allowing its use as both a core build-up material and luting cement, while being compatible with common composites, compomers and bonding agents. anchor® has an ideal consistency for use in all restorations requiring a core material or luting cement and provides the dentist with the benefits of both a light and self-cure mechanism. anchor® is extremely radiopaque and contains fluoride.

Directions for Use (*)

Isolate and prepare the tooth using rubber dam, being sure to remove all decay and existing restorations. anchor ® contains methacrylate based monomers and is compatible with other methacrylate based materials.

(*) anchor® is compatible with all methacrylate based adhesive systems. If not using Simplicity®, please use your adhesive in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Rinse the preparation thoroughly and remove all visible water by drying the surface for 2 – 3 seconds with dried compressed air. Do not desiccate the tooth surface.

A drop of Simplicity® 1 is dispensed into one well of the small white plastic holding tray. For very large preps, two drops may be required.

With a microbrush-type applicator or sponge, apply Simplicity® 1 (a clear solution) to the preparation and gently agitate it into the preparation for 10 seconds. If there is any pooling of the Simplicity ® 1 it should be blotted away. IMPORTANT- The prep should not be allowed to dry.

A drop of Simplicity® 2 is dispensed into the other well of the white holding tray (dispense just prior to using). For very large preps, two drops may be required. Using a clean bristle brush tip, immediately dab 3 full brushes of Simplicity® 2 (a yellow solution) directly onto the wet Simplicity ® 1 - Do not agitate or rub into the preparation.

Thoroughly dry the preparation until the resin stops moving (approximately 5 – 10 seconds).

Apply 2 additional coats of Simplicity® 2, dry thoroughly, and light cure for 10 seconds

If using a post or a pin prepare and insert the post or pin according to the manufacturers’ directions.

(I). 25 ml Cartridge Assembly:

A) Load the dispensing gun with the automix 1:1 cartridge.
B) Remove and dispose of the cap. DO NOT REUSE THE CAP.
C) Extrude a pea-sized amount of material until both sides flow equally. (This only needs to be done the first time the syringe is used.)
D) Attach the mixing tip to the cartridge.
E) Extrude material as needed. (**)
F) After each use, leave the used mixing tip in place to seal the cartridge.

9 (II). 5 ml Cartridge Assembly:

A) Twist the cap of the 5 ml syringe and remove the cap. Be sure to discard the cap and do not use the cap again.
B) Depress the plunger to extrude a very small amount of the material (less than a pea size drop). This will insure that both sides flow properly. (This only needs to be done the first time the syringe is used.)
C) Insert the special mixing tip onto the syringe and secure with a twisting motion.
D) Extrude the material as needed. (**)
E) After each use, leave the used mixing tip in place to seal the syringe.

(**) Material can be extruded on a pad for hand placement or can be placed directly in the mouth using the interoral tip. anchor® can be used as a buildup material or cement for posts. After each use leave the mixing tip in place to seal the cartridge and store with used mixing tip in place.

anchor ® has been designed to have a working time of one and a half minutes and fully cure in about 4 minutes when used only in self-cure mode. (The setting time will be slightly less than 4 minutes in the mouth). If you use a dental curing light you can cure for 10 to 15 seconds to achieve a partial set stage and allow anchor ® to complete the curing process in the self-cure mode for an additional 3 minutes. The unique dual cure feature allows you to place the material and ‘tack’ it into place for 15 seconds, shape the restoration and continue while the self-cure feature completes the curing of the material. If used only in the light cure mode, total curing time would be approximately 45 seconds. As with all light cured products times will vary with the intensity of the curing light.

Shape before final curing using instruments, matrix bands or crown forms. Remove matrix band if used. Final crown preparation can be accomplished in your usual procedure using crown prep burs.

Note: If the material continues to flow from the mixing tip, simply back off the plunger to relieve the pressure.


As with all composite type materials do not use Eugenol or Eugenol containing products as they will inhibit the curing process. Certain retraction cords will also inhibit the curing of resin-based materials. Please check your materials prior to use to be sure no incompatibilities exist.


Protect from sunlight and excessive temperatures. Store below 81° F (27°C) when not in use, preferably refrigerate material when not in use and allow material to come to room temperature prior to use. Material is preferably stored under dark conditions.


Apex Dental Materials, Inc. recognizes its responsibility to replace products if proven to be defective. Apex Dental Materials, Inc. does not accept liability for any damage or loss, either direct or consequential, stemming from the use of or inability to use the products described. Before using, it is the responsibility of the user to determine the suitability of the product for its intended use. The user assumes all risk and liability in connection therewith.

U.S Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a dental professional

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The Complete Core Build-Up/Luting Material