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Simplicity Self-Etch     2018
                                   Adhesive system
                                   combines the three        CATALOGUE
                                   most important
                                   features of flawless           Matrix Band Dispenser
                                   bonding. Simplicity
                                   provides consistency,              Dispense, cut matrix band with one hand
                                   versatility, and speed
                                   in the same package.                  The patented Frasaco Matrix
                                                                         Band Dispenser allows for
                          Refill Kit                                     quick, single-hand operation.
                                                                         Simply roll out materials to
            Great for both Direct                                        any length with thumb and
         and Indirect Restorations                                       squeeze for neat, even cuts.
                                                                         Transparent case shows Dispenser
Core Build Up/ Luting Cement                                             when supplies are running + 1 Roll
                                                                         low. Each dispenser includes
     The All In One                                                      one roll of matrix band.
     Core Material /                                                     Specify standard or extra-thin
Resin Based Cement                                                       gauge band when ordering

                                                                               Replacement Rolls
                                                                         Available in thin or standard

                                                           Compo Dots

                                                           Composite Condensing Foam
                                                           Compo-Dots, FIRM, for class I, II & III preps, yellow,
                                                           100/pk. Compo-Dots composite condensing dots are
                                                           tiny, non-stick foam sponges that are perfectly sized
                                                           to condense composites. Pack of 100

                                                                           Dr Newton Fahl

                                                           100 Pk

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