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The bite block that doesn't block your access!


Most bite blocks do an adequate job of preventing patients from closing their jaws. Unfortunately, most also contain design flaws that make your job harder.

Benefits of Logi Bloc™

•Stablilization •Joint Support •Reduced Fatigue •Latex Free

The Revolutionary Prep-Marking System

PrepCheck promotes adequate reduction allowing ideal thickness of the final restoration and ensures superior strength and aesthetics. PrepCheck's special coating marks the tooth in areas that need to be reduced.


Benefits of PrepCheck™ for crown preparation

•Promotes accurate reduction •Special coating marks tooth •3 Sizes Offered •Promotes better fit & aesthetics


The dental wedge that actually fits the interproximal space!

Flexi Wedge™ has a unique concave undersurface, stiff main body and resilient flanges, which isolates blood, saliva and crevicular fluids from the cavity preparation during composite and amalgam restorative procedures

Benefits of Flexi Wedge™

•Superior Adaptability •Improved Force Vectors •No Back Out •A Better Cervical Seal •5 Sizes Offered