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FenderMate Assortment Kit Complete most Class II restorations without rings! For the first time ever, achieve a tight Class II restoration without the need for a retention ring! The next generation of FenderMate combines a pre-curved wedge and sectional matrix into one device that minimizes complication and procedure time on small to medium preps—works for 75–80% of Class II restorations. FenderMate inserts quickly and easily. Its patent-pending curve follows the contours of the tooth and firmly seals the cervical margin without an additional spring force. Unique separating wedge design with a collapsing wing accommodates most interproximal spaces. 0.002" thin integrated matrix has a pre-shaped contact area that reduces the need for burnishing. Available color-coded in both regular and narrow widths and for mesial and distal use. FenderMate Assortment Kit includes 18 of each size, left regular, left narrow, right regular and right narrow, 72 wedges total, per kit.