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The Greater Curve Starter Kit offers an affordable solution to introduce the Greater Curve Tofflemire Bands, Soft Sided Contra-angle retainer and Technique.

Product Details:

The Greater Curve Tofflemire bands are designed with a unique curve that forms a greater funnel shape enabling the restoration of an anatomical contact point.

The Soft Sided Contra-angle Retainer allows for utmost tightening of the matrix without fear of breaking.

Attain a superior seal around the cervical portion of the tooth. 

The soft sided contra-angle retainer can be used in any location.

Product Details

Starter Kit Contents:

  • 24 Standard bands
  • 12 Micro Thin bands
  • 12 Wide bands
  • 12 Micro Wide bands
  • 12 U-Bands
  • 12 Micro U-Bands
  • 1 Soft Sided Contra-angle retainer