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Product Details

The Greater Curve Wide Band has a center width of 9 mm and is designed with a unique arc forming a funnel shape. This funnel shape enables the band to reach over to the adjacent tooth.

The Wide bands are useful for long clinical crowns and anterior teeth.

Thickness: 0.0015"
Center Width: 9 mm

Common uses:

  • Class IV Composite
  • Class V Composite
  • Peridontally involved molars
  • Peridontally involved bicuspids


"These bands are wonderful!  I restored the distal half of an upper cuspid for an elderly woman this morning who couldn't afford a crown.  BEAUTIFUL!  I could never have achieved the contour, contact, and smooth gingival margin with another band.  I use other curved bands with wedges and separating rings frequently, but I tried that first and it collapsed into the prep.  Thanks for coming up with such a useful product and techniques that work!"
Thomas Edmond, DMD