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Higa Bridge Remover TECHNIQUE

The Higa Bridge Remover has been acclaimed as a “significant step forward” by America’s foremost clinical researchers.

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A small hole is drilled through the crown’s occlusal surface to expose the tooth preparation below.
A wire is threaded under the soldered joint connecting the crown to the pontic and
pulled into a parallel loop.





























The ends of the wire are threaded through the spool of the bridge remover and
wound with the handle to bring the instrument into contact with the crown surface.
The pin is inserted through the hole in the crown surface, supporting the tooth
preparation underneath the crown. The wire loop is tightened, pulling on the bridge.
With the bridge remover firmly braced against the preparation, even pressure is applied to the
bridgework, as it is pulled away. Result: The bridge is removed quickly and without damage to the metal or porcelain surfaces - and with minimum discomfort to the patient,
the bridge remains attached to the instrument.