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Oasis® Oasis Sands Dental Products

Oasis® is the next generation in Impression Materials. Imported from Europe Oasis® is a premium material for Doctors who desire extreme accuracy. The material is available in a variety of viscosities, and is fully guaranteed to perform to the users expectations or it may be returned for a complete refund. Unlike conventional impression materials which require up to 7 minutes of intra oral set time, Oasis' chemistry produces a moderate working time of 2.25 minutes and an intra oral set time of 2.25 minutes. The maximum time the Dentist will take to complete the impression procedure start to finish is only 4.5 minutes.

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Clear Oasis® Oasis Sands

Clear Oasis® is a clear silicone bite registration impression material. Clear Oasis® is designed to be used as a matrix for the fabrication of temporaries, in particular multiple veneers. This transparent material used in conjunction with a flowable material makes temporization fast and highly esthetic..

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Star VPS Danville Materials

A high quality Impression Material Star VPS will satisfy all of the requirements of even the most discerning Doctors This 5th generation Poly Vinyl is guaranteed to perform to your expectations or it may be returned for a complete refund.

  • Choice of Light XS , Medium, Heavy, Bite and Putty
  • Unused working time is not added to the setting time
  • Clinically Proven

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First Quarter Danville Materials

Danville's latest development in super hydrophilic, fast setting VPS materials. It has ideal handling characteristics, flowability and high tear strength. It works in 1/4 of the time of traditional 6 minute materials. Making single unit impressions fast, easy and trouble free.

First Quarter:
- *1-1/2 Minute Set Time
- Ideal for Crown & Bridge Impression Taking.

First QuarterTM F.S. [fast setting *(1-1/2 minutes)] impression material is a super hydrophilic VPS impression taking systems that features a unique 1-1/2 minute setting time.

As most impressions are that of single units, this material makes a lot of sense to clinicians who desire a faster setting impression taking system for cases that are single units or challenging due to the presence of excessive blood and saliva.
*Super Hydrophilic Formulation
*Very High Tear Strength
*Superior Dimensional Stability
*Can Be Sterilized
*Will not Distort in Solution
*Snap Sets in 1-1/2 Minutes

*Accurate Impressions
*Captures Fine Detail Subgingivally
*Model Can Be Poured for Up to Two Weeks
*Good Asepsis
*Dimensionally Stable
*Ideal for Single Unit C&B Impressions


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First Quarter Light Body F.S.



First Quarter Monophase



Die - Flex Material Danville Materials

DieFlex, now in 5 minutes you can have a fully articulated, trimmed model for use in fabrication of an indirect composite. This allows the completion of a restoration (Inlay, Onlay or single unit Composite Crown) in a single visit. DieFlex is a fast setting silicone die material for chairside or laboratory fabrication of indirect composites. Being tooth shaded, DieFlex allows both the esthetics and occlusion of a restoration to be evaluated before placement. DieFlex is compatible with all composite curing systems.

Introductory Kit (1) 50ml ctg DieFlex, (3) 50ml ctgs VPS Heavy Bite, 1 Reusable Articulator. Mixing tips (Release Spray must be purchased seperately if using VPS impression materials for speed and accuracy.)


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Kromatica Alginate

Perfectly detailed impressions every time with KROMATICA

Dustfree Colour changing alginate, fast set cherry
& Bubblegum. Light purple during mixing, pink when loaded into
the tray, white upon removal from mouth.

Pouch 1lbs. Case 10 1 lbs. + empty can.


Kromopan Alginate




Universal Mixing Tips

Impression Material Mixing Tips are available for both old and new style cartridges. Available in Fine (Wastesaver) Regular, and Large.

Tips are available in packages of 48 and 100



Impression Trays Temrex Bite Relator


Oasis® Clear Trays

These clear impression trays are ideal when used with Clear Oasis when fabricating quick accurate veneer temps.

Sold in Packages of 12 and 48.




Plastic Disposable Impression Trays