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MicroLux Transilluminator

Transillumination helps visulize Crown Fractures, Caries, Root Canal Orifice

Features: • Autoclavable light guide, available in 2mm and 3mm • High output L.E.D • Battery Operated • Portable and easy to use • Protective Sleeves available

Benefits: • Helps to Visualize Posterior and Anterior Caries, Crown Fractures and Root Canal Orifice








                           Anterior Caries: Clinical                                    Anterior Caries Transillumination Technique

                           Posterior Caries: Clinical                        Posterior Caries Transillumination Technique

MicroLux Transilluminator  With Mirror Attachment

Application: • Provides additional light for all routine exams Features: • Front surface lighted mirror attachment • Mirror can be autoclaved Benefits: •Front surface lighted mirror provides clearer vision