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Material Sets too Fast

Warm Temperatures
Material Expired





Improper Ratio of Base Catalyst Mixture.

Cool Materials to 70-72 F.
Check expiration date of material. NOTE: Always make sure that office staff rotate stock so that the oldest material is used first. This should be observed for all materials with or without expiry dates.


Always make sure that equal amounts 1:1 ratio (Varies from manufacturer) of Base and Catalyst are used. Extrude 1/4 inch of material out of cartridge for even flow of material

Material Sets too Slow
Material too Cold Warm material to 70 - 72 F Poly Vinyls are very sensitive to fluctuations in temperature.
Material Does not Set

Sulfer contamination or Amines Layer Contamination

Excessive Hemostatic Agent Residual (ie. Ferric Sulfates, Aluminum Chlorides) Eugenol Based Cements, or filling materials.

Sulfer found in most gloves can inhibit the set of materials (Both Putty and Fluid materials) Acrylic Monomers, Hemostatic Agents, Composite Restorations, Eugenol will also inhibit the Set Time.

Rinse Patient and Site well with a High Alcolhol Based Mouth Rinse And Dry Thoroughly before taking impression.

Porosity in Impression around Preparation Site

Sulfer based Astringents/Hemostatic agents reacting with Material

Excessive Bleeding or Moisture in area of Preparation

Before Final Impression is Taken, Rinse area well with water, and Dry Thoroughly.
Porosity or Bubbles in Stone Cast
Hydrogen Outgassing of Material after final polymerization (Polyvinyls Only) Pouring Impression Too Soon!

Ideally one should wait several hours before pouring Polyvinyl Impressions to Allow for total emission of Hydrogen.

NOTE: If you must pour Impression Immediately After Procedure and Porosity has been a problem. Try rinsing the Impression with warm soapy water for 10 minutes to speed up outgassing reaction. Also soap acts as a debubblelizer for stone to be poured. Be sure to rinse soap thouroughly out of impression before pouring otherwise soap will create bubbles in stone cast.


Material "Sticks" to Stone Cast
Contamination of Impression Material at Time of Impression Taking (Sulfur etc.) Make sure no contamination has occurred during procedure. Thoroughly Rinse Patient and Site. Refer to problem and solution #3.
Drag or Distortion of Impression Material

Excessive Moisture

Wash material Too Viscous for Procedure.

Tray Not Fitting Arch Properly or Too Flexible for Specific Technique.

Impression Tray moved before material was set.

Tray not seated properly

Dry Patient Thoroughly

Use a wash Material with a Lower viscosity

Select a Large enough Tray. Should have approx 3mm width or clearance from Buccal, Mesial, Lingual, Distal, aspects. Make sure tray is Rigid enough.

Hold tray passively without movement.

Preseat tray in mouth before taking impression!